Crisis management in adults with autisme spectrum disorders

Bram Sizoo, Ella Lobregt- van Buuren en Hendrikje Bloemert van het Specialistisch Centrum Ontwikkelingsstoornissen hebben een symposium gegeven op het International Conference on Crisis, Coercion and Intensive Treatment in Psychiatry (CCITP) te Rotterdam, op donderdag 18 oktober 2018.
Hieronder de titels:
·         When a crisis is no crisis; the many faces of autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
Bram Sizoo, Psychiatrist, Dimence, Center for Devenlopmental Disorders, Netherlands
·         Intensive Specialized Autism Care Study (ISAC study): precipitating and recovery processes; preliminary results
Hendrikje Bloemert, Dimence, Netherlands
Prof. B. van Meijel, Dr. B.B. Sizoo & Dr. E.W.M. Verhoeven, Co-authors
·         Treatment of trauma in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in crisis
Ella Lobregt-van Buuren, Dimence, Netherlands
Bram Sizoo, Liesbeth Mevissen and Ad De Jongh, Co-authors